Transportation Services


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Transportation is often an integral part of one’s life, determining how involved they can be in community activities, as well as their accessibility to health care providers, particularly essential in times of illness or after medical procedures. To meet the need of quality transportation for both our customers and our community, Habilitation Assistance developed Access Express, a safe, reliable transportation service.

Access Express¬†understands the serious responsibility of providing professional services in a helpful and respectful manner. In addition to hiring only highly skilled vehicle operators, each driver must also be extraordinarily sensitive to human relations and adept in care giving. All drivers are evaluated for their professional driving ability, screened for past driving history, checked for any criminal record, and evaluated in terms of their ability to relate positively to others. Drivers are enrolled in Habilitation Assistance’s intense orientation which includes such topics as driver training, sensitivity and diversity training, stress management, courtesy training, first aid, CPR, and must meet all pertinent qualifications to become a driver for Access Express.

Access Express services include fixed-route van service, paratransit services for people with disabilities and senior citizens, Medicaid and Human Service transportation and other commuter solutions.

People ride Access Express to work, shopping, medical appointments, day habilitation centers, and many other desired destinations. Our focus is on total quality service. All customers receive the highest level of care, compassion and respect.

Access Express has licensed taxi services and licensed charter services. It has contracts with GATRA (Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Authority) and with CCRTA (Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority). Our transportation licenses and contracts require numerous and regularly scheduled inspections by outside authorities. This additional level of compliance helps to ensure that the strictest levels of safety and service are provided.

Our services have steadily grown since its inception in 1984 which testifies to our ability to satisfy both direct customers as well as specialized transit program sponsors and managers. Habilitation Assistance Corporation is proud that Access Express maintains all of its relationships and contracts in good standing.

If you are looking for a transportation provider with the goal of making available to you a safe, comfortable, courteous, time saving alternative to your travel needs, please call us, Access Express.