We hope that you are all healthy and remaining active during this stay-at-home period.

Although continuing to be at home can be difficult, we are excited to say that we now are able to support our members through remote services.  Our day habilitation program directors have been reaching out to members via phone, online Zoom meetings and various apps for the past couple weeks.  They are creating new ways to provide some normalcy, social interaction and routine during this unusual and challenging time.

Members, families, and residential staff have been very receptive and eager to be involved.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for everyone to stay connected, support each other, and have some fun!  Everyone has enjoyed seeing each other (virtually) and engaging in activities.

Some of the activities have included:

  • Morning get-togethers
  • Yoga classes
  • virtual tours to places such as our national parks, Canada, the Amazon
  • taking virtual rides at Disneyland
  • music
  • cooking and nutrition classes
  • chair aerobics
  • exercise and stretching activities
  • art and photography
  • and more!

Our directors are an AMAZING group of individuals who have adapted to this new reality, developed creative ideas, and remain, as always, dedicated to supporting you!

If you are a member of one of our programs and are interested in remote services, please contact your program director directly via email.  Their contact information is:

Thank you to all of our members for their participation in remote services; the residential staff and family members who assist our members in being involved; and all of our directors and staff that have taken action to creative opportunities for our members during this unprecedented time!  Well done, everyone!