From September 22 through September 24, Habilitation Assistance Access Centers and Administration welcomed CARF surveyor representatives to review our agency as to how we integrate CARF’s many documented standards in Community Integration Services umbrella, some of which include Leadership, Strategy Setting, Input, Legal Requirements, Financial Planning, Risk Management, Health & Safety, Workforce Development,  Technology, Rights of Persons Served, Accessibility, Performance Measurement and Improvement, Service Structure, Individual Centered Planning & Programming, Medication Management, Community Services, and Community Integration.

We are not unfamiliar with CARF, as the agency has been participating in this peer review process for more than 30 years! This time, though, was a little bit different than in the past. The two surveyors, one that surveyed the program sites and the other that surveyed our administrative policies, procedures, and systems, performed the entire survey virtually via Microsoft Teams!

Luckily, our staff and management practiced with the Teams application for several weeks prior to the survey dates so that they would be able to upload documents, screen-share private documents with surveyors in real time, meet via video and provide the surveyors with a good understanding of our programs via video tours.

All in all, this was a very positive experience, and when it came time for the surveyors’ exit conference, they both expressed that they had no recommendations for our agency to make changes in order to be in conformance with CARF’s standards! Although this is not the first time Habilitation Assistance has had a survey with no recommendations, we are so excited and proud to have attained this rare commendation! We look forward to receiving our official CARF survey report in 6-8 weeks and posting our new accreditation poster at all of our sites!

The agency obviously could not have received this commendation without the hard work and dedication of all employees, who always go above and beyond to provide the best possible services for our members! Thank you to all!