Alternative Services

In striving to meet more and more individual requests, an alternative service model was developed. All of the supports provided by day habilitation services are made available on an outreach basis. This service was designed to provide a comprehensive support system for individuals who are unable or choose not to participate in traditional day programs on a consistent basis.

Alternative Day Services are customized to support individuals in their pursuit of personal achievements. Each service encourages individuals to achieve greater independence and explore new interests and opportunities.

Alternative Day Services strongly advocates the use of the community and its resources. Whenever possible, individuals are encouraged to access community activities, events and settings to further develop skills and to achieve personal goals and objectives. Community involvement in conjunction with the supports and resources of the access centers serves to promote confidence and inclusion.

Habilitation Assistance employs specially trained individuals prepared to support our members in their own decisions. Our philosophy of independent living dictates that the consumer has the right to make his or her own decisions and choices, even if they may not be in agreement with staff’s opinion. The staff does not make decisions or force involvement against the consumer’s wishes. Rather, the consumer decides what he or she wants help with and the staff support the consumer to carry out those decisions.

Alternative Services are offered our of all of our four Access Center Locations, in Braintree, Plymouth, Pocasset and South Yarmouth.