Mid-Cape and Islands Access Center

At our Mid-Cape and Islands Access Center, our team of skilled and compassionate staff work to provide our members with a high level of service each day. Programs both within the facility and out in the community are continuously added and modified based on member input. We provide activities with a focus on increasing independence, building functional skills and continuing development of self-management.

Some of our current program offerings include:

  • ¬†Member involvement in producing the monthly HAC Happenings Newsletter combines journalism with computer skills such as word processing, graphic design and printing.
  • Gardening Club welcomes green and black thumbs alike. Members grow plants for healthy ingredients for our cooking classes as well as flowers to provide a welcoming aesthetic to our front entrance.
  • Photography Group allows members to explore scenic Cape Cod and beyond, learning to develop “a good eye” for photography as well as the technical skills to operate digital camera equipment.
  • Community volunteering opportunities with Meals on Wheels allow members to provide meals to the Yarmouth elderly population, providing local seniors with a meal and a safety check.
  • Social Language group explores a broad variety of topics, from interpersonal skills to current events.
  • Yoga indulges the senses through calming music, aromatherapy, and individualized poses.
  • Physical Therapist approved exercise programs., including recumbent bicycles, treadmills, stair steppers and individualized cardiovascular and strength training routines, allow members to focus on personal fitness and self-monitoring skills.
  • Musical activities include frequent member and staff performances, rehearsals for our annual spring show with Cape Cod Can, drum circles and other therapeutic variations.
  • Sewing, crocheting and jewelry making group activities allow members to learn new skills and continue improving, while producing beautiful hand-made items.
  • Instructional cooking classes allow our members to learn safety skills in tandem with gaining culinary experience from start to finish, including menu planning, shopping, cooking and serving.
  • Animal interaction activities include visiting Greenbriar, various local farms and shelters as well as visits from trained companion dogs.

The Mid-Cape and Islands Access Center is open Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm, although serviced may be provided outside of those hours if requested and available.

Our Mid-Cape and Islands Access Center is conveniently located in the Stop & Shop Plaza off Route 28, at 43 Long Pond Drive, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Using this location as a base, we are able to service Mid-Cape area residents with Supported Living, Case Management, Individualized Home Supports, Transportation, Alternative and Day Program Services. Contact Marta Gallagher, Program Director, directly at 508-760-9770 or mgallagher@hac.center.



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